Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Readers of the Month

Gold stars for

Tom and Andrew.

Tom from New York, come on up to the desk and stand in front of the class.

Goethe's Italian Journey arrived this week in the office and I am so keen to get into it, I am hardly able to think about the End of the World and All Good Things today. I need to put it in my bag so it's off the desk so I don't keep looking at it.

I would like to note that Tom has already established himself as the champion book-sender in the class along with John from California. I've been enjoying Scruton's On Beauty and Culture Counts for some time.

And Andrew just sent the following note:

I will cheerfully send you Sing Lustily, which I have enjoyed for years; since I own a copy, I can "legally" make you one from it (as I have done for many people already).

I agree with you about Wesley.

Ok you guys, come on up here and get your stars.

And everyone, I'd like you all to keep in mind the way to become the teacher's pet around here. Send me really great stuff I can't get in Italy and agree with everything I say.

(But don't forget, spelling, grammar and neatness always count.)



Anonymous said...

Aw shucks! So embarrassed. Just a little token of appreciation.

I'm embarrassed also by how hopelessly behind on my own reading I am.

Anonymous said...

That was me - Tom

(see I remember the Rules)