Monday, October 11, 2010

In the Latest Cool Archaeology News: Students discover lost medieval town

Yep, archaeology still the coolest science going.

Amateur archaeologists in the Vale of Glamorgan believe they have uncovered a lost medieval village. The Time Signs archaeology students made the discovery behind the railway viaduct at Porthkerry near Barry.

They are working with tutor Karl James Langford to prove his theory that the village of Whitelands existed. A house platform which forms part of the manor house has been found as well as big quantities of medieval pottery and evidence of other buildings.

When I was in England, I read about a dig near an ancient Benedictine monastery in Wales where they were desecrating excavating the graves of monks. The thought popped into my head, "What would they do if they found one incorrupt."


AN EARLY medieval brooch found in the remnants of a turf fire in a north Kerry range earlier this year, went on permanent display at the Kerry County Museum in Tralee last night.

The Martara brooch, was found in the grate of the range of Sheila and Pat Joe Edgeworth of Martara, Ballylongford last February.

Now, of course, the coolest part of this cool archaeology story is the brooch.

Look at that thing. Wow!

But can you spot the another excellently cool bit?

There are still turf fires in Ireland.


I'll leave you with this list of deeply offensive Irish jokes:



df said...

We had turf peat fires as recently as 15 years ago at home. Irish parents you see. I always thought it was a funny thing to burn, but it made the house really toasty.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this joke was pretty funny. One could substitute a Jesuit College student for the Irishman.

I am of Irish decent and will probably use it again.

He missed this joke "What is the difference between and Irish wedding and an Irish funeral? One less drinker."

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

df: I had a chance to have turf fire in Tattenhall. They sold peat in bricks for house fires. I always went for coal though. It seemed more appropriate to the Midlands.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Jamey mack!!:-)!!