Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If you're going to do Protestant

do it like this.

Maddie Prior and the Carnival Band. I was introduced to them by my little gaggle of mad, happy Anglican friends in Halifax about ten years ago.

Maddie Prior did some research and found out that these mostly Wesleyan hymns, when they were first adopted by Methodist congregations, were often sung accompanied by instruments and sung quite "lustily and with good cheer".

And Christmas carols sung properly.

The music doesn't start on this 5 minute video until about 2:30, so you can skip a bit, but I would like you all to listen to it, particularly if you have anything to do with parish music. I don't ever, EVER again want to hear a congregation sing this delightful carol as though it were a dirge.

It's Christmas! for Pete's sake, cheer up!

Come on! BELT IT OUT!!



John said...

The band and the tunes remind me of nothing so much as English Country Dancing. Their Sundays may be fully occupied but if they have any free Saturdays, they might pick up a few bob at ECD events.

The Sheepcat said...

Wonderful! Thanks for posting, Hilary.