Thursday, October 14, 2010

רק הוא אלוהים

I think the Holy Father was speaking more metaphorically, but he brought something up that needs to be talked about:

Only God is God.

Violent acts are apparently made in the name of God, but this is not God: they are false divinities that must be unmasked; they are not God.

False deities need not apply.

I have said this many times. The nature of God is to be always the same. There are a lot of things God cannot do.

God does not change. Still less does He change his mind about things. He does not, cannot, contradict Himself. He cannot be anti-rational, since rationality is one of the divine attributes given to us as His image.

I don't claim to know whether the man, Mohammed, actually had a visit from a supernatural being, but the religion he created would indicate that if he did, that being was not God or any of his holy angels.

The thing, the monster he describes in that religion, cannot be God, since it contradicts the things we know God must be.



Sean M. Brooks said...

Yo, Hilary Jane!

I agree absolutely with what you said about the cult Mohammed founded. Islamic faith and theologyh is ultimately ANTI rational. And I recall Bemedict XVI quoting the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II with similar ideas. Whatever rationality Islam had was overwhelmed when the Ash'arites suppressed the Mu'tazilites (who were Muslim thinkers not wholly unsympathetic to Classical and Judaeo Christian thought) in the mid 800s.

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

Fr. Paul McDonald said...

Mohamed would have been contacted by a *preternatural* being, a being above human nature, but not above all created nature (= GOD) or send by the Creator (a good angel). A devil.

We reserve "supernatural" for God and His grace, for the good angels.

Fr. Paul of Niagara

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

tx. I wasn't sure.