Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Votes for Women!

Had a discussion the other day about the results of the "women's vote" on the world. My friend, trying to be a moderate, said things like, "It's not the voting, it's the topics..."

I have only one thing to say about the results of the "woman's vote": Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Oh, wait. I think I might have a second thing to say, by way of warning: "Justin Trudeau".

What I wish I'd said is this:

"Female suffrage has led to a feminizing of Western Civilization. That civilization is now entering its crazy cat lady stage..."

Yes, I blame the woman's vote for the awful proliferation of divorce, contraception, abortion and euthanasia, (a procession that simply follows a logical order of cause and effect, you'll note) as well as for the horrors of cheap Monet reproductions on every surface of every public building in the western world. Dear God, you can actually buy Monet umbrellas and coffee mugs. Only the rise of the modern feminised state would visit such horrors on innocent passers by.

Cupcake anyone?



Anonymous said...

A long time ago a street preacher told me that feminism was from the devil. I spent years resisting that truth. It was short hop from accepting it to coming into the True Church.

It is hard to fight -even Christian women get their hackles up when I mention this.


BillyHW said...

You're the dreamiest woman ever, Hilary.

BillyHW said...

Oh, and I'll take a cupcake, thank you.

Steve T. said...

Scholarly proof that feminism is evil: http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~iversen/PDFfiles/LottKenny.pdf

I second BillyHW. A logical woman who puts the truth ahead of fashionable groupthink? Agem.

Andrew Cusack said...

Giving the vote to women in France after the Second World War ensured that the Communists lost.

Maureen said...

Get your meds checked.

Felix said...

Prohibition was an early victory for quasi-feminism. Another attempt to re-write human reality and it ended in disaster.

Margaret said...

I noticed long ago that there was a sharp downward trend in America after women started voting. One just had to connect the dots.
However, your characterization of civilization as "entering its crazy cat lady stage," while a rather nice turn of phrase, is insulting to us crazy cat ladies.

JD Carriere said...

Women's Suffrage is of the Devil

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Villeneuve allegedly received 25 votes on the first ballot in 1939, as part of a possible plan to move the Pope to Quebec if the Vatican were seized. Anyway, his take on the female suffrage debate in 1940:

[1 mars 1940]

Dans cette lettre, le cardinal Villeneuve dénonce le projet de loi de l'Assemblée législative d'accorder le droit de vote aux femmes.

Villeneuve explique sa position de la façon suivante : «Nous ne sommes pas favorable au suffrage politique féminin. 1- parce qu'il va à l'encontre de l'unité et la hiérarchie familiale; 2- parce que son exercice expose la femme à toutes les passions et à toutes les aventures de l'électoralisme; 3- parce que, en fait, il nous apparaît que la très grande majorité des femmes de la province ne le désire pas; 4- parce que les réformes sociales, économiques, hygiéniques, etc., que l'on avance pour préconiser le droit de suffrage chez les femmes peuvent être aussi bien obtenues grâce à l'influence des organisations féminines, en marge de la politique. Nous croyons exprimer ici le sentiment commun des évêques de la province.»

En référence: Laurent Laplante, «Les femmes et le droit de vote : l'épiscopat rend les armes», Cap-aux-Diamants, n.21, Printemps 1990, p.23-25.
En complément: Nive Voisine et al., Histoire du catholicisme québécois (volume 3, tome 1) : 1898-1940, Montréal, Boréal Express, 1984.


Anonymous said...

Dear God. What a mess.

Anonymous said...


What do you perceive to be messy, and why?