Monday, October 04, 2010

No pressure

It looks like the Environutters have outed themselves.

Believe it or not, this video was made by an environmental outfit trying to convince people in a "funny" way to get involved in "carbon control".

It has caught quite a bit of flack, with, apparently, people writing in saying they are so horrified by the video that they won't give them any more money.

It's too bad really, because in one of those little fluke things, the video really has revealed what the whole "carbon emission" "global warming" panic attack has really always been about.

But hey, you don't have to take our word for it...



Ches said...

That could only be funny in the weirdest, twisted, adolescent mind. How did we come to this?

Ingemar said...

I was puzzled when first watching this commercial. Had it been the production of a climate skeptic, it would have made perfect sense and been satire in the Swiftian sense.

But this? This goes beyond graphic lessons portrayed in driver's ed courses. At least there, you get to see people suffer from the logical, expected consequences of their actions. This shorty, "funny" or not, says in plain language, "Get with the program or we murder you."

I've wondered how people could have been a-OK with the grim excesses of Sovietism or Nazism. Now I know--people yield to mental terrorism like this.

I am now inspired to INCREASE my carbon emissions by 10%.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Indeed. I was surprised to find this was created by the environutters to promote their cause. Apart from the obvious "we'll kill you if you don't comply" message, the video depicts the people pushing the project as complete prats, obnoxious phonies who inspire in me only a desire to slap them hard.

Amazing the blockheadedness of these people.