Friday, October 29, 2010

What can go wrong?

Sometimes the whole "alpha male" thing goes terribly wrong.

I once wrote an essay about Michael Corleone and The Godfather, (that I still contend was the greatest film ever made) in which I proposed that it was Michael's inversion of the hierarchy of love that corrupted him. He became a monster out of love for his father, which he placed above the love of God.

Don't love the creature more than you love the Creator.

It goes badly.



Left-footer said...

I think it was Isaac Watts who wrote a beautiful little poem "On the Hazard of loving the Creatures". I quote from memory:

Those little hands and little arms
What tempting things they be!
Lord, how ther twine about our hearts
And lead us off from Thee."

Always thought this very cold-blooded, but you're right.

Gregory said...

No forgiveness available for making part 3. Sorry, dude.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Jesus, only Jesus!