Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Orwell's Picnic Contest

Weird Things You Really Said Once and Actually Meant at the Time

I'll go first.

"I can't become a nun now. I've just bought a new hat!"

Spoken on the phone to a friend who was studying in Rome at the time. He was on his cell phone and was dodging the insane Rome traffic. I had just come home from a week-long retreat in a Benedictine monastery.

OK, now you.



df said...

You absolutely did say that! I remember it clear as day! Crazy girl got too much milliner's mercury in her blood.

Anonymous said...

"The pain in my knee is older than I am." I had been sleeping, and was only semi-conscious, but it made perfect sense to me at the time.

-mary ann

Christine said...

"If you are going to steal ice cream, you shouldn't hide it in your armpits."

I was caring for a person with developmental issues. She denied that she had attempted to stealice cream, but it was a hot summer day and I could see it very clearly melting down her sides and into her socks.

Sue Sims said...

My husband informed me that I had woken him by talking in my sleep. I had apparently intoned: "Then were the toes worried."

Anonymous said...

This happened just yesterday, someone phoned asking for my deceased father and I responded without thinking:
"I'm sorry he died a few years ago, can I take a message?"

Anonymous said...

"Margaret Atwood has a point." Uttered not afore nor since.