Friday, October 01, 2010

Mustn't criticise the bishops

Ever. It's bad. Mean. Uncharitable.

Every. Thing. They. Do. Is. Perfect.



Ingemar said...

Of course among the Greek Orthodox (in America) most of the money (like, 90%) comes from annual Greek fests that cater to the public. So their machine remains well funded with or without the input of the faithful. You can imagine how awkward I felt in my church's festival, in a parish adjacent to the gay community, when I saw that no less than a third of the attendants were "on fire" for something other than Jesus.

Make all the Greek jokes you want, but to them, homosexuality is still a sin.

BTW, most non-Greek Orthodox clergy in America have to work second jobs.

And no, I'm not accepting any invitations to the papist church. Even if I accepted the Pope and the filioque, I wouldn't want to inherit the problems that the so-called "Church of Stupid" has.

HJMW said...

I use the term in the broadest possible sense. "Church of Stupid" includes all Christians in all times. I'm very ecumenical that way.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Ingemar: No doubt about Latins have got a ...of problems; yikes!
That being said.
This idolatry of bishops ("Don't you dare criticize a bishop--or priest, for that matter) esp. when they are just "over the top" and way outta bounds is NOT Catholic.
Just ask St. Catherine of Sienna or St. Bridget of Sweden (to name two)...they'll set ya straight!

Anonymous said...


Would that be the Greek Orthodox Church located in gay Montrose, Houston?