Monday, October 11, 2010

How to process

Newman mass part 1 from Marco Aurelio Guillen on Vimeo.

The Toronto Oratory celebrating a Mass in honour of the beatification of Cardinal Newman.

I once saw an Oratorian take a group of about 20 teenagers and get them processing solemnly down the aisle of this church with five minutes preparation. It's like they've got some kind of superpower. They don't fly or have laser vision (except Fr. Robinson if someone is coughing during Vespers) but they have +20 liturgical superpowers.

I remember once going to St. Augustine's seminary for a conference, and they were having a big important Mass for an important feast day. It might have been St. Augustine. I was told that it would be worth going to since they intended to pull out all the liturgical stops. I, who had by that time already spent several years attending only the Oratorians' Masses, was skeptical.

Sure enough, the priests at St. Augustine's thought there was no difference between 'processing' and 'strolling' down the aisle.

More of these videos here.

P.S. I really really miss St. Vinnie's, my parish in Toronto. If I'd stayed there I might not have had to change my Catholic Church factional affiliation on Facebook from "Trad Catholic" to "Bad Catholic". Any Oratorian reading this, could you please give my regards to the St. Vincent's Counting Ladies, and tell them I miss them. Tx.


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