Monday, May 11, 2009

A year ago today

On May 9th, I was happy to enjoy an afternoon at the beach with friends followed by a roof-top barbeque in Santa Marinella. It marks exactly one year since I first went to Rome to visit friends.

Chris Wells and John Sonnen, with the Tyrhennian sea in the background.

The air in the evening was alive with swallows.

It doesn't get much better than this.


Anonymous said...

Hello Hilary.

I am a daily reader of your blog.

I know this is out of the subject, but what is your take on the Christopher West interview on Nightline NBC in which he makes an ambiguous baptizing of the sexual revolution among many things and the whole heffner and JPII weird comparison.

Check this link below for reference.

JB said...

...and so many different swallows, weren't there?

Swallows of gin, swallows of wine, swallows of beer....

HJW said...


don't care?

is that the right answer?

Do I win something?

Oh, wait. I know the right answer:

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Antonio said...

A trad who smokes a pipe is a best trad out there.