Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abortion and the Will to Power

I think I've written about this before, and I know a lot of other peple have too. The abortion "logic" is moving forward. It is no longer enough to convince to say words like "blob of cells" or "products of conception" simply because no one is willing to buy it any more.

Now they are dropping these obviously mendacious assertions, now that the culture has been coarsened to the point where it can be accepted. They are simply asserting the will to power.
However, given that both science and philosophy continue to struggle to define what the beginning of “life” is, wouldn’t it be better to come at the debate from a different angle entirely? For if a pregnant woman has dominion over life, why should she not also have dominion over not-life?

She says, "other cultures" have had no problem with this.

If women are, by biology, commanded to host, shelter, nurture and protect life, why should they not also be empowered to end life, too? I’m not advocating stoving in the heads of children, or encouraging late abortions - but then, no-one is.

But whyever not?

Indeed, it's a great deal safer for the woman to deal with the problem of an unwanted child at the end of natural birth, with, say, a brick or a bucket of water. A great many women go for an abortion and have to be rushed to the nearest emergency room to have their intestines put back in.

And in fact, plenty of people are saying this. They're called "bioethicists" and they've got a bit more spine than you dear.

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