Monday, May 04, 2009

Are you thinking about it?

A Catholic asking for the Traditional Mass in Paisley diocese received an email from Bishop Tartaglia, who responds:
Are you sure your request is not just an affectation? Think about it.


thought about it.

Perhaps y'all would like to write to his excellency Bishop Tartaglia and share your thoughts.


Banshee said...

The problem is that it's not polite or productive to say the obvious things, like, "Are you sure you're not just stalling? Think about it."

Sigh. What you do is act like you're totally obtuse and sincere, and tell the guy that yes, you've thought about it seriously and decided that it's a request and not an affectation....

Oh, wait, sarcasm again.

Seriously, though, time to hold your nose and write sober, unobjectionable boilerplate.

Ches said...

That's right, Tartaglia. We're all just affected: me, your correspondent, and especially that German dilettante who swans about in Rome, writing letters about the Traditional Mass.

Can you not give us the full answer? Or was that it?

I'm more anticlerical by the day.

Sue Sims said...

The most recent thread on Damian's blog is largely a battle between those who think that tradition is - well, traditional, or at least can be revived, and those who think trad priests are just a load of big girls' (lace) blouses who enjoy prancing around in public. No one's quite expressed it in those terms, but that's the idea.

Fr. Thomas Trottier said...

As they would say on the New Liturgical Movement---is that the Benedictine arrangement of the altar, with six candles, in the first picture?