Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky

former Soviet political dissident, author and political activist.

He spoke in 2006 to a group in Brussels at the invitation of Fidesz, the Hungarian Civic Forum.

He said, quite forthrightly, that the EU is the new Soviet Union.

I guess he'd be in a position to know:

Bukovsky was one of the first to expose the use of psychiatric imprisonment against political prisoners in the Soviet Union. He spent a total of twelve years in Soviet prisons, labor camps and in psikhushkas, forced-treatment psychiatric hospitals used by the regime as special prisons.

"Go through all the structures, all the features of this emerging European monster, and it more and more resembles the Soviet Union. Of course, it’s a milder version of the Soviet Union. Please don’t misunderstand has no gulag. It has no KGB, not yet. But I’m very carefully watching such structures as Europol, for example. And that really concerns because this organisation will have power probably even more than the KGB. They will have diplomatic immunity. I cannot imagine the KGB with diplomatic immunity. That’s even more frightening than it is."

by passing laws criminalizing "hate speech", "racism" and "xenophbia", Bukovsky said,

"What you have observe taken in perspective, is the systematic introduction of ideology which will be enforced later...and apparently, that's the whole purpose of Europol. Otherwise, why would we need it? That for me is very suspicious. And I'd watch very carefully who is persecuted for what and what is happening now.

That is one field in which I am an expert. I know how gulags spring up."

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