Friday, May 08, 2009

People are nice

This just in via email:

"Hi, I'm an Italian Catholic and I love your blog! I was so worried about Winnie, I'm glad she's OK."


Me too.


BillyHW said...

Her Italian grandmother probably told her the stories about what sometimes happens to cats in Rome...

SoldierBlue said...

Hi Hilary, that was me, Paola, pleased to meet you. :D The e-mail reached you through Facebook and I don't know whether there was my name (I never check FB e-mail, just the site); it might have looked a bit rude, so here I am, saying "yay for Winnie" again!

Hi Billy, yes, my folks have 6 cats and they are all over the countryside, causing worries even if we live far from Rome (near Lake Maggiore). But those little creatures also give so much joy!

God bless, Paola