Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm extremely irritated.

A friend of mine said I could borrow his copy of America Alone, which, believe it or not, I've not read yet. (Come on, I've seen ALL of the Great One's videos on YouTube a hundred times.)

I wanted to get into it this long weekend (Long live the Queen!!! ...even though she's been dead a hundred and eight years).

But he went off to Tuscany for the weekend and forgot to give it to me. Leaving me with nothing but the last half of (my sixth in a row) Terry Pratchet novel, and a collection of essays on Zionism and 1930s Europolitics by Hannah Arendt.

But now I see that Kathy has a review of his new book out.




A new book?

Who knew about this?

Steyn is incapable of writing a tedious line. As reviewers noted about his last book, the demographic doomsday tome America Alone, reading Mark Steyn can be the most fun you’ll have getting depressed


Anonymous said...

Terry Pratchett. I guess those are readable then? Don't you fear that _America Alone_ might not be just the tiniest bit tendentious? Where is your residual Canadian anti-Americanism?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Not really. Any more than candy floss is edible.

My residual anti-Americanism bounces out all chipper and perky every time I try to walk through Rome.