Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You can see her trying to think.

Following the birth of her son last year, however, Sawyer had begun to have doubts about the ethics and logic of abortion. “I was calling the life inside me a baby, because I wanted it,” she wrote, after visiting picketed abortion clinics in America. “Yet if I hadn't - as would perhaps have been the case ten years earlier - I would have thought of it as just a group of cells it was OK to kill. It was the same entity. It was merely my response to it that determined whether it would live or die. That seemed irrational to me. Maybe even immoral.

Hope her brain doesn't crack.

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TheSeeker said...

If I had any tears left on this day, I would shed them over that article. What selfish, misguided people there are in our world! I've seen the tiny babies shattered so violently by "choice."