Monday, May 11, 2009

Enjoy your pensions, free health care and welfare benefits while you can

because it's going to be over pretty soon.

In fact, it already is.

H/T to J.P. Sonnen


Mark S. Abeln said...

Pish posh. Alarmist.

The Government will reverse the population decline by a scientifically controlled breeding program, where genetically optimal test-tube fetuses will be implanted six at a time in healthy young mandatory volunteers who will get free health care. The children will be raised in government-run nurseries, staffed by members of the teacher's unions.

This will work perfectly until the Greens gain power. These children will be defined as non-persons and then be recycled.

df said...

This is one of the most depressing videos I've ever seen! Still, I'm heartened that it's not entirely accurate - Eire is mapped as part of 'Great Britain'. Perhaps the rest of it is wrong too... [he says, clutching at straws].