Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obomination of Desolation

Yes, the Obama appearance at Notre Dame this weekend made the national television news in Italy. I saw it in a pizzaria in Perugia.

As more US bishops jump on the bandwagon, the reactions of our friends are becoming somewhat more...ah...nuanced.

This just in via email:

Now that Donald Trautman has weighed in against Notre Dame I've decided to jump off the bandwagon. There must be something wrong with any cause that man supports.


Anonymous said...

Wait! Maybe he's even more evil and cunning than appears. Maybe my reaction was the very thing he was trying to provoke by denouncing Notre Dame. You can't trust anybody these days...

John said...

Not much of a bandwagon, really. So far it's all talk.

When Jenkins is defrocked, the CSC is thrown out of the diocese, Mass is forbidden to be celebrated on the campus, the chapels are secularized, Catholics are forbidden to attend, when that sort of thing starts to happen - any one or more of the above will do - then we're serious.

And, no, none of that will happen. "Piss and wind" as the saying used to be. That's what we get. Enough talk to keep the remaining Catholics on-side but not enough to really annoy The Times.
The GOP has this sort of waltzing with pro-lifers down to fine art.



Anonymous said...

I knew it was a trick somehow.

Anonymous said...

It should be "Obamination" of desolation :)