Friday, May 08, 2009

Oo oo!!! Please miss, pick me! Pick me!

"I'm not perky. But I want to be".

I think I feel a meme coming on!

Home Office name hate promoters excluded from the UK

plus this:
I Want To Be Banned From England Like Michael Savage

equals this:

Let's play a game.

The "I Want to be Banned from Britain Too" game.

1) List your Thoughtcrimes.

Here's mine:

I believe that Jesus Christ, a male Jew who lived in 1st century Palestine at the time of Tiberius Caesar, who was born to a woman who remained a virgin before, during and after His birth, is the only Son of the living God and that He died on the cross for our sins. And that a piece of bread becomes His body and blood (soul and divinity) when a duly ordained, male, member of the Roman Catholic Church says the right words over it.

I believe in the devil and hell and that people go there who disobey God.

Including people who disobey him "sincerely".

I believe that "error has no rights" and that "outside the Church there is no salvation".

I believe that babies do not come from the stork but from inside their mummies and that when a lady has an abortion, the baby is killed.

I believe that Adam and Eve really existed and were man and woman, respectively, and that their union, in accord with the observable laws of nature, is the model for all marriages.

I believe in the logical principle of non-contradiction: that two opposed things cannot be "reconciled", "balanced", or nuanced to find a "third way" between them that will make everyone in the world happy.

I believe that really bad criminals should be executed.


2) Email them to Jack-boot Jacquie Smith, Gordo's Home Secretary,

with the following note:

Dear eminent mouthpiece of our Dear Leader,

With regard to your most recent efforts to rid our nation of wrongthinkfulness, I wish to submit the enclosed list of thoughtcrimes, to which I freely and willingly admit.

I have come to see the innapropriateness of my ways. I hereby certify that I wish to be helped to realise a more tolerant and diversity-minded lifestyle.

I therefore request immediate retrieval by duly authorised agents of the state and transport to the nearest facility for re-education.

Thank you for your consideration.


3) pass it on.

I tag:

Fr. Finigan
Steve Skojec
The Carolina Cannonball
Mary Alexander
and Dale Price


Antonio said...

Michael Savage has some right ideas. Shame about his anti-Catholicism though.

At least he can be said to not be a "Novus Ordo" Protestant as opposed to a traditional fire-spitting one.

BillyHW said...

I believe that really bad criminals should be executed.Publicly.And I'll add quickly to that.