Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Atheocracy: I believe in no God

People tend to forget that the statement, "There is no God", is one of religious belief that can no more be proved with the scientific method than The Act of Faith.

The Catholic organisations would happily refer a gay couple to a secular [adoption] agency, but it would be against their faith to take them on themselves.

This state of affairs harmed no one, and worked well, a compromise between the secular and religious, the old and new, the socially conservative and liberal. But it offended the Labour party, who see homophobia as a heresy to their state religion. This is a government, after all, that has made it legal for firms to suspend workers who disapprove of homosexual acts and to fire public servants who belong to a democratic political party. This is a government that is turning Britain into a closed society where anyone who hasn't sworn the modern secular equivalent of the Thirty-Nine Articles can be thrown out of work.

An atheocracy.

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Anonymous said...

The state is always confessional, it's just a matter of what it believes in.