Monday, May 04, 2009

May First Weekend

How to spend a Saturday in Italy.

Loafing about on the terrace with a long lunch and a few bottles of wine.

Then off to the beach.
The water, contrary to alternate reports, was lovely. Cool but not cold.

All the proper rubrics were followed.

The long meditative strolls up and down in the surf.

The burying of the feet in the sand.

Followed by gelato and an evening discussing the sources of scripture.


A few more flower pics, just because I know how much they annoy our good friend and loyal long-time reader, DF.

On the hillside above Santa Marinella.

Odescalchi castle (with the zoom).


Banshee said...

Envy envy envy. :)

Beautiful pictures, by the way.

Leslie McCaffrey said...

Indeed! I like reading "pithy commentary Hilary"----but I'm really liking "travelogue Hilary" too!

df said...

Thanks - just what I always wanted; more flower pictures. Looks like Santa Marinella needs a few bottles of weed-killer.