Tuesday, October 13, 2009

St. Damien

There aren't many days in the year when I can really say I am unabashedly grateful to the Church.

Just once in a while.

Hollywood does it right:

I had always liked Fr. Damien de Veuster and admired beyond words what he did. But it was not until I saw this film that I really understood the heights he reached.


Steve T. said...


Have you ever read this? It's amazing: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/281/281-h/281-h.htm

Robert Louis Stevenson's take-down of a critic of St. Damien's.

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie and I'll always love David Wenham for his performance in this. I didn't know anything about Fr Damien until I saw the movie, but I'm incredibly happy about the canonisation.

St Damien, pray for us.

Richard - USA said...

Here's a Lutheran, proud to lift up the example of St. Damien in his sermon this All Saints! Thank God for such faithfulness as his... a remarkable story.