Friday, October 30, 2009

He did?! Cool!

Maureen Dowd presents Exhibit A in her evidence against Pope Benedict:
"In 2004, the cardinal who would become Pope Benedict XVI wrote a Vatican document urging women to be submissive partners, resisting any adversarial roles with men and cultivating 'feminine values' like 'listening, welcoming, humility, faithfulness, praise and waiting.'"

Really?! Did he send one to Maureen with an invitation to go to confession?

Where can I get a copy of this?

I like Benedict more and more every day lately.

No, it turns out he didn't.

"[W]omen should be present in the world of work and in the organization of society, and that women should have access to positions of responsibility which allow them to inspire the policies of nations and to promote innovative solutions to economic and social problems."


"It is appropriate however to recall that the feminine values mentioned here are above all human values: the human condition of man and woman created in the image of God is one and indivisible."


Never mind, I still like him.


John said...

So the pope said quite the opposite.

Do you think Doud will be called to account for this 'misinformation?'

Would you like to be the one to ask her for citation?

BillyHW said...

Talk about getting my hopes up, Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Mark Shea notes that Mo Do doesn't write, she types. She hasn't had a real thought in years.

BillyHW said...

Takes one to know one, I guess.

hjw said...