Thursday, October 22, 2009


I wonder, has anyone thought to ask her?

We could really use someone in this Church who still knows ladies ought to wear hats to Mass.


Zach said...

Perhaps His Holiness will ask when he visits her?

Anonymous said...

How beautiful it would be to see our latter Elizabeth undo the ignoble--misbegotten--work of her unhappily-remembered namesake!


Little Black Sambo said...

@Anon. Shame on you, Sir! You are presumably some kind of foreigner.

Anonymous said...

And gloves.


Anonymous said...

Begging your pardon, Sambo, but what is your objection? Especially given recent scholarship, on what basis can Elizabeth I's 'settlement' and paranoid, brutish police state that severed Britain from its roots be regarded with anything other than deep disdain?

In contrast, our current sovereign embodies grace, commitment to duty and the public good, and a quiet, steady, Christian witness--all of which already make her an icon for a profound spiritual and cultural restoration. How much more so if rooted in the Catholic faith? Should she enter the Church, much of what was rent by the first Elizabeth would be restored, at least as an ideal.

Or is it only the thought of our Queen embracing the ancient faith of her predecessors and of her lands that you object to?


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


no fighting.

Anonymous said...

In my country, black ladies wear hats to church. I think Rome should reach out to them. - Karen

Anonymous said...

Rome should seriously consider some kind of provision to open the door to all hat'n'glove wearing women.

A sartorial ordinariate is needed.

Anonymous said...

Wow Louise, it just occurred to me that here in our shared city, I HAVE NEVER ONCE SEEN A LADY IN A CHURCH HAT. And I live pretty close to the CD too. - Karen

Anonymous said...

Women do not wear proper hats any more. Just because we had "the sexual revolution we had to have" doesn't mean hats and gloves had to go out the window.

I like that hat of the Queen's. I wish I had enough $$$ to dress properly.

Anonymous said...

Sure, nobody wears hats anymore, *except black church ladies.* Everyplace else I've lived, black church ladies wear hats, enough to support hat shops. It's just another example of the unholy freakiness of Seattle. - Karen

Felix said...

(Sigh) When I was a kid, my mom wore hats to church, as did the other ladies. I'm glad that at least Her Majesty continues to do so.

I'd be delighted if Her M entered the Church. Obviously, it would be for her good but it would be fun to have a regal woman like her to give the UK Church some style.

But it's exceptionally unlikely. Under the existing UK constitution, she'd have to abdicate. (Or could she take a legal action in the European Court of Human Rights?)

Anyway, my understanding is that she's very protestant, not Anglo-Catholic.