Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Meme

So, I was at a press briefing with a v. nice Ghanaian Archbishop and, sitting in the back, was wondering with the the Zenit guy what the Nobel Prize committee could have been thinking of.

But this nice African seemed to put his finger right spot on the reason.

It's 'cause he's black, see.


So, after the meeting, I went to lunch with a friend and we worked out a list of other stuff they can give Obama prizes for.

Next year, in keeping with the theme, the Nobel Prizes will go to Barack Obama for

Peace - For his contribution to Changey Hope

and the following year, we can give it to him again, for

Peace - Hopey Change

Literature - for "Audacity of Hope"

Chemistry - for caring deeply about global warming

Physics - for walking on water

Economics - for improving the global economy by causing the US dollar to plummet

Moreover, we propose that in honour of the Greatness that is Obama, a new series of Nobel Prizes be established.

For racial reconciliation:
for being the world's first white man in a black man's body.

Come up with your own, and send them to The Nobel Prize committee.


Zach said (on facebook)

Another new Nobel Prize. The Not-Being-George-Bush Nobel Prize.

Zach comments:
"Here, President Obama, have the Nobel Peace Prize. Everyone will know you didn’t earn it, or do anything to deserve it, but you seem like a nice man, and well, we really hated your predecessor. So you get a special award just for not being him. Kind of the Miss Congeniality for world leaders...."


Zach said...

The comment is actually quoted from Sharon Astyk, who deserves credit (I only wish I'd come up with it first).

Sharon's a changey-hopey liberal who is still completely disgusted.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I've been amazed at how many southpaws are disgusted.

Funny old world.