Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A fave returns

I really liked this video someone made of the escape from New Caprica put to the Hendrix version of All Along the Watchtower. I guess it violated six ways of copyright laws, so it was taken down and I had to replace it on my BSG playlist with another, less cool version. But it's back. For now.

It always makes me think the same thing. Why on earth didn't they keep Pegasus and let the Cylons smithereen Galactica, which, at the beginning of the attack on Caprica, was ready to be mothballed as a museum, and by the end of the series was literally falling apart at the seams? Pegasus was beautiful and shiny and new and sparkly and I bet way bigger and faster and with meaner guns and rockets and stuff, and probably even nukes. Adama was down to, what? eight by the time they get to the Temple of Five planet?

I realise Pegasus was cursed and evil and everything, and the ship herself had to plunge to a firey self-sacrificial death to atone for the evilness of its previous commander, but,

at least she ran. And didn't have to be held together with Cylon superglue.

Oh well. I suppose they just couldn't change the name of the show in the middle.

...and yes, I realise that I like this show waaay too much.


Gregory said...

"Previously on Battlestar What-happened-to-the-Galactica?-it-got-shot-down-over-New-Caprica-but-we've-still-got-this-other-ship-called-Pegasus-which-is-cooler-'cus-it's-newer-and-more-dangerous"

HJW said...

Yeah. It kind of rings, don't it?