Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Please, oh Pleeeeeeze! Just once...

So, just got back from the exciting and interesting press conference at the Sala Stampa.

There is one in every crowd, this time it was the ANSA lady, complete with screechy shrill voice:

"70,000 women die in unsafe illegal abortions in Africa every year..."

When she started, I have to admit that at that point, my mind drifted off momentarily to a little fantasy press conference I keep in my head in which the awful woman would be honest and say, "Doesn't the Church care about women?"

And just that one time at my fantasy press conference, my fantasy cardinal would reply, "No. The Church doesn't care about women. In fact, the Church hates women. Next question."

...and we'd see who falls of their chair laughing.

It would be HIGH-freakin-larious!

1 comment:

Bearess said...

Or perhaps, "We care very much about women. We're partial to the unborn ones."