Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A “divine sign” of racial healing

I was in the same room as John Allen today.

I feel so privileged.

Without even showing up, Obama's a force at African Synod

So far, various African bishops have hailed the election of the first African-American President in U.S. history as:

• A potentially powerful new force for justice and good government across Africa;
• A “divine sign” of racial healing, in some ways a recapitulation of the Biblical story of Joseph;
• A potential herald of further breakthroughs down the line, such as the election of a black pope.

Whatever one makes of all this, it’s at least a different perspective than one often gets in Catholic circles in the United States, where attention is usually focused on Obama’s controversial stands on abortion and other life issues.

So, let me get this straight.

John Allen says it makes a nice change because the Africans talking about how great it is that Obama has been elected President because he's black...oops, sorry, because of his ethnic origin, I meant...of course.

Because back home, all anyone can ever blather on about is the man's policies.

Sheesh! What is it with American Catholics anyway?


Who cares about that stuff?!

You'd think, listening to them bang on about his 100 per cent rating from NARAL that a politician's stand on killing innocent people is more important than the colour of his skin.

Don't they know anything about modern politics?


Anonymous said...

This is really depressing. - Karen

Dad29 said...

Some of those African Bishops who are doing the obama-happy-dance should be forced to re-take Moral Theo 101, a dozen times or so.

It is clear that the Church does not have an Idiot-Test for elevation to the Bishopric.

Anonymous said...

In the same room as "the ubiquitous but fair-minded" John Allen?

I trust you did your duty.