Monday, October 26, 2009

Bad Vestments

Just discovered a new website after our own hearts.

Bad Vestments

Got bad vestment pics?

Send em in.

And he has done a bit on one of NewChurch's most popular features:

Creepy Giant Puppets.

They're big, they're bad, they frighten small children and they're coming to a NovusOrdinary parish near you.

It's amazing how many hits you get putting "creepy giant puppets" into Google.

Try it.


Wait, what was I supposed to be working on?


Christine said...

I don't believe that is simply abuse. I suspect it constitutes liturgical terrorism.

Sand Mama said...

Please, someone stop the whirling... far more terrifying than the puppets...

Silvia Aldredge

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you love to have the courage to scream out in bloody horror in the congregation? That might get someone's attention.

lambertdw said...

Puppets are the least of the problem here.