Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh wait! I know this one! pick me! pick me!

Fr. Tim has opened a new institution of higher learning, apparently in central London.

Bachelor of Commonsense Honours Degree Examination

Rocket Science Level I (Faculty of drawing conclusions from empirical observation)
Answer question 1. (Three hours allowed)

1. Which of the following will be more effective in reviving Catholic faith and devotion in Britain today?

a) Arranging meetings to discuss the environment, climate change, the credit crunch, inclusion, exclusion, holism, and equality, discerning how best to downsize the Church's activity by closing parishes, and identifying the possibilities for lay ministry in priestless Churches, with people breaking into small groups to discuss their feelings about these important issues.

b) Vigorously promoting the traditional devotional life and magisterial teaching of the Church, and giving high profile support to all events that encourage and nurture faith in the Blessed Sacrament, and devotion to Our Lady and the Saints - not excluding devotion to relics of the same. (Without actually needing to break up into small groups.)

(Hint: it is not actually rocket science.)