Thursday, October 08, 2009


Another place where Gothic rules. (One does get rather sick of the Baroque curliques and disembodied flying baby-heads.)

To get to the good bits in Perugia, as in many places in Italy, one has to go way way WAY up a very steep hill, to which the only roads are these terrifying switch-back affairs with precipitous death-drops scenic vistas at every turn on blind corners facing insane Ferrari-driving Italians.

(Scenic vista)

Fortunately, in Perugia, they have discovered that tourists will pay money to be taken up the hill in a thing like a Logan's Run monorail car. Plus a lot of escalators.

Once you get up there, it's worth the couple of quid.

There's gothic poritcoes...

13th century basilicas and fountains...

and architecture (with tourist accessories)

See those hooks on the wall? They are outside the palace of the local ruling duke. I was told they were used in the middle ages to stick the heads of criminals on.

Heh. Cool.

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Cool indeed!