Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ok, so let's see if I've got this straight,

Everyone who holds "conservative," that is, traditionally Christian, beliefs about sex and all that, is a "bigot".

My Church is not a safe haven for bigots ...I was hoping that the Church’s antipathy to female and openly gay priests would, in time, weaken and dissolve. Now instead, it seems, a whole lot of bigoted reinforcements are arriving to galvanise those more unpalatable aspects of Roman Catholic doctrine. Should I stay in a club that would welcome these people as members?

Am I getting it right?


isn't that,


kind of


Diogenes grins evilly:
there's no question but that it's got the right people pouting. Across the board, among Catholics, Anglicans, and neutral spectators, hostility varies inversely with orthodoxy.


Schmendrick said...

Just look at the first line in the article: ‘I really feel there is a God.’

Or further down, where the author recounts his reversion to Catholicism: ‘I do remember identifying strongly with something I read by Hans K√ľng, a Swiss theologian rejected by the Vatican in 1979.’

His unorthodox views aren’t much of an aberration, eh?

Anonymous said...

What does he mean "his" Church?

Simon Platt said...

As my mother in law would put it: "we'll have anybody" - even "Frank Skinner".

Mark Johnson said...

A "club"? That says alot right there, doesn't it?

Dorothy C McLean said...

"Three bigots on a shirt, Hans Kung's still steaming. Forty years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming."