Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness in Central Italy

As I was waiting for the bus this morning, I happened to look across the street without my glasses on and thought,

what is that? Are those apples?


They're pomegranates. Neat huh?

This is the Via de Fiori, which gives its name to the neighbourhood, looking down towards the sea. All the streets are named after flowers. Mine is Vie delle Fresie (freesias). It's a nice neighbourhood, really, and close to the edge of town where the line between suburban and rural is blurred. Lots of single-family houses here with

well kept walled gardens, secret gardens with a bit of a mysterious air about them. Lemon and orange trees,

figs and bananas,

with masses of climbing purple bougainvillea, even during the hot season it was all green and lovely.

Very quiet at night. Just the crickets at night and in the morning, the roosters.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dunno. Looks like Florida to me.

Here in PA there's woodsmoke in the air, the trees are aflame, and they're predicting a possible major snowfall Th-Fri (nor'easter).

Oh, and I get an FSSP Mass daily.

Now I get to gloat! ;^)