Tuesday, February 03, 2009

They're going to "allow her to die" starting today

Italian woman moved to hospital where she can die.

A nice peaceful death by dehydration:
Toxins build up in the body. The body's chemical balances involving potassium, sodium and calcium etc. are disrupted. This disrupts the electrical system that triggers the action of muscles, including the heart.

The tongue and lips crack and bleed. The eyes recede into their orbits. The skin becomes so sensitive it peels off upon firm contact. The lining of the nose can crack and bleed. Dried brain cells can cause convulsions.

Her mouth will become dry and saliva thick. You can have cracking of the (mucous membranes) of the mouth and lips as they dry out. People often get headaches, then (become) lethargic and finally go into coma. It actually can cause seizures. As it progressively gets worse, what happens (are) the physical signs. Her blood pressure will drop, her heart rate will pick up. She'll actually, ultimately go into shock. You just don't have enough fluid to keep your blood pressure up, and it drops so low, and that sometimes can be a terminal event, or an arrhythmia of her heart. Her blood will get thicker. Sometimes, people who are severely dehydrated will actually have strokes just because the blood gets so thick that it clots.

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Anonymous said...

Adding her to my prayers.

We are routinely treated to shocked! news articles about animals left without water/food, yet willfully do this to human beings. Talk about being left to the darkness of their minds. Satanic.