Monday, February 09, 2009

Allowed to Die...Gradually

A friend and I were discussing the issue of the Quietus Clinic today and wondering why they are bothering with this whole "gradually" removing her food and water business.

What are they afraid of? Don't they think that what they are doing is right?

If she's unconscious, why not just pull the tube?

In fact, as my friend said, why not just put a pillow over her face? A pillow would take about five minutes or less, be inexpensive and would enable the corpse to be used as an organ donor source. Dehydrated kidneys are no good to anyone.

And what the heck is with this?

Inspectors on Monday visited an Italian clinic that has stopped feeding a comatose woman to check whether it is qualified to allow her to die in line with a court ruling.

What do you really need for a place to be "qualified" to dehydrate someone to death? Were they checking to see if there are bars on the windows?

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