Monday, February 02, 2009

I think it's when the kid gets his own credit card

and you're not paying the bill.

I’ve heard it argued that a fetus is not a baby because it could not survive outside the womb on its own. But what about three-day old baby? Or even a two week old baby? If you set it down on the floor and leave it alone…will it survive on its own? Or will it die? So what’s the cut-off for determining whether it’s a baby or not?

It really comes down to this: when does life begin? When is it a baby? At the point of conception? First trimester? Third? At the point of actual delivery? When the umbilical cord is cut? Two weeks afterward? When?


Mark S. Abeln said...

When they graduate from medical school.

John said...

And when does the average ethicist and college professor survive on his, her, or its own? Don't they all depend upon farmers for their food, the city water department for their water, L.L. Bean for their chinos and sandles, and taxpayes to pay for all of it?

If surviving on your own is the test, it would seem there are blessed few humans on the planet.

Maybe none.



M. Alexander said...

When is it a baby?

When the democratic party says it's a baby.

M. Alexander said...

The 3 month rule is so Roe v. Wade 1973.

We've grown since then and so has our tolerance for murder.