Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fight! Fight!

So, the Post says, "No no! It's not like that at all!

Those crazy anti-choice extremists have got it all wrong! It's all about giving the mother a chance to hold her precious infant for five minutes before it expires. But you know what these nutjobs are like, why, they're even against euthanasia for heaven sake!

Eugenic abortion! why do they always have to use such nasty words?!

Why, there simply can't be anything wrong with it. We have a bishop and an ethics expert telling us it's fine...

Juuuuuust fine."

Yah. Tell it to this woman.

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Jeremy said...

Thank God for LifeSite. The spin--and changing of stories--from St Joseph's has been incredible. Without LifeSite who else could call their diabolical bluff?

I now live almost across the street from this hospital, and can't pass it without feeling deep disgust. Moreover, in a perfect marriage of attitude and action, this Catholic hospital's lovely Chapel now sits idle--the Sacraments being thought, unlike murder, a non-essential service.