Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pope Nancy

Well, she had the meeting. It was private. There is no text of the remarks except for a rather thin press release from the Vatican. But there was no Mass, and no photos, so at least she didn't receive Holy Communion from the Pope in front of the world's cameras.

Pope Nancy on the doctrine of the Holy Eucharist:
"Communion is the body of the people of the church coming together," Pelosi said at her weekly news conference after returning from the mass. "I feel very much a part of that."

So glad for you dear.

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Ecgbert said...

What's even more telling is arguably the most powerful, important RC in America has done nothing to stop the wars on Iraq and Palestine.

That she's a typical boomer heretic is incidental.

Of course the trouble with that bit on Communion is it doesn't tell the whole truth, leaving out the Catholic doctrinal particulars she seems ashamed of now that she's arrived in mainstream American society.

Most of these people really want to be mainline Protestants but don't like the artsy-fartsy æsthetics and mannerliness of those churches; they want it on their cultural/class terms. So they stay and make asses of themselves by dissenting from Rome.