Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't have "nasty" in sur!

Damian's "not sorry". Well, good for Damian.

Because the guy, apparently, said that Hurricane Catrina was a punishment from God.

Mgr Gerhard Wagner has stood aside. I can't say I'm sorry: I thought it was a fantastically stupid thing to say – and nasty, too. I know some traddies were excited about his promotion, but not me.

Well, OK. Whatever. You're probably quite right, Damian. We really don't need bishops in the Church who are loyal to the Pope, who believe what the Church teaches and want to spread and defend the Faith but who say nasty things.

Yep. Nasty. Can't have that.

Please, no more conciliatory gestures to extremists or nutjobs;

But all the rear-end smooching you can muster to the poofters and pinkos who have been dividing the spoils of Christendom between them for the last forty years.

* * *

So, we'll be expecting the resignations of the rest of the pack of baby-buggering thieves, protestants, communists, heretics and apostates in the episcopate any day now, right?

(...sound of crickets chirping...)

aaaannnny day now...

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DP said...

It was a dumb and presumptuous thing to say, but if saying dumb and presumptuous things is a disqualifier, then it would be impossible to have an episcopate.

And good luck on getting somebody who *isn't* a knee-jerk trad-hater in Westminister, Damian. Rather on the same order of probability as me getting named Captain of England.