Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations Kathy !!

Kathy hits paydirt.

Some years ago now, I was working in the Toronto head office of Campaign Life Coalition and a colleague and friend of mine came dashing into my office grinning as wide as a Yonge street crack addict who'd just rolled an old lady on pension day.

"What? what? Did you win something?"

"Got my first death threat."

Ghah! It's not FAIR! I've been blogging and making snippy comments for years and never, ever had even one teeny little death threat.

Now this.

She even gets a whole website (ok, it's just a blogspot blog, but still...) all about how she's an eeeeevil racist.


Obviously time to post a photo of my BNP membership card.

A commenter at BCL is threatening to file a Section 13 complaint against me.


I've been TRYING to get a "hate speech" complaint for years now, by purposefully saying politically incorrect things about every ethnic group, including my own, on this blog.

(I'm old enough to remember George Carlin -- who, incidentally, made up the idea that there were "Seven Words You Couldn't Say on the Radio" [the FCC had no such rule until he gave them the idea] and Lenny Bruce doing that with "swear words"; I'm just doing it with the new "unspeakables".)

After all, such a complaint would be great publicity for me and would help me get a lot of donations and sell a ton of books.

Plus I plan to ignore it completely, other than writing GO SCREW YOURSELF on the official complaint and faxing it back to the HRC office.

People are always asking me:

Why doesn't somebody, for once, just ignore one of these complaints, refuse to recognize the HRC's "authority" over them, and see what happens?

You may be about to find out.

Well, it's not quite the same thing, but along the same lines. A well-known journalist friend of mine in Canada once had some Islamonutter try to lodge a complaint against him with something like the Canadian Journalists Association (or whatever it is). The forms were duly filled out and of course, it being Canada, he was sent a form of his own to fill out to say what his response was.

He wrote, neatly and in the little box provided:

"Fuck off".


Anonymous said...

I've gotten more than my fair share of death threats via FBook for my anti-Islam groups. Nothing says "Well done!" like a death threat from a Grade 1 education.

Anonymous said...

Your a member of the racist BNP, which means the "British National Party"?

No wonder you love Shaidle. Your two pees in a pod.

The BNP has been labeled the most extreme neo-Nazi group in all of England, which the government has even tried to outlaw. The BNP leader was recently charged with promoting hate.

NO wonder Shaidle links to your site. Racists are attracted to each other, like flies to shit.

Oh and to Kathy: Saying "fuck off" to the CHRC has already been done. Poor Shaidle just rehashing old ideas.

And the guy that told the CHRC to fuck off. He got the largest fine ever handed down. $30k

So please Kathy, tell them to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

ISBC - you seem to be suffering from the standard delusionary mindset produced by Canadian Educational Systems of the last 30 yr. which I term PEMMS
(Post Educational Moronic Mindset Syndrome)