Monday, February 16, 2009

Ground floor fascista opportunity

Binky gives us our daily early morning yell of horror and despair:
Back in the day, we were beaten up and beat others up at school; got detentions, punishments, and the rest; snow-ball fights, roughhousing, spankings at home...We turned out (most of us) not simply despite but because of the reality and consequences.
For the last 20 years, it’s become all about diversity-training, sensitivity, bully-free zones, friendly-words, peer mediation, expulsion for snowballs or name-calling: and so
we have spoiled junior tinpot fascists by the time they get to College? What the heck? Is that what our society has taught such kids? That if we are going to have a soft-fascist system, get in on it while the getting’s good?

But of course, the disease is not confined to Canuckistan; it's everywhere and probably much worse in Europe, though I must say, mostly in the colder, more heavily protestantized parts. One of the things one notices instantly upon arriving in Italy is how much less of that particular creeping morbidity there is here than, say, in Britain...where Logres is no more.

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