Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and another damn thing...

Ooo ooo I know her! I know her! I'm vicariously cool!

Wendy, Kathy and Denyse in Tranna doing cool fun Mark Steyn-related things. I wish I were there.

The Committee broke at noon for lunch and I hooked up with Kathy Shaidle and the other Cool Kids like Dr Roy and Rick McGinnis. We retired to the basement cafeteria, where I dropped Mark a note on where to join us. He later did, and held court to a passel of his adoring public. Those of us who were in the morning session briefed him about who he would be dealing with inside.

We went upstairs in time for the afternoon session, where Mark was due to speak. This much you already know from my BlackBerry blogging (which is a pain in the ass, by the way, and not recommended except in cases of dire Steynian emergency). Here’s the link to his transcript, thanks to Denyse.

When his part of the hearing was over, Steyn and his Steynettes (us aforementioned Cool Kids) headed out into the hall where he did a small media scrum.

Wow! Yeah, heh. Just hanging with our buddy Mark (may-he-be-forever-in-print) Steyn. Yah.

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