Thursday, February 05, 2009

But it's all about tolerance,


A couple has been refused permission by a council to adopt their own grandchildren and the kids are being given to a homosexual "couple" for permanent adoption. Because they objected, they have been told that they will never see their grandchildren again.

Last week the grandparents were told they would never see their grandchildren again because they had made public the fact that the children were taken from them and to be adopted by two homosexual men.

A nurse has been suspended because she offered to pray for the recovery of a patient.
Mrs Petrie, a committed Christian since she was aged ten when her mother died of breast cancer, routinely offers to pray for her patients' speedy recovery. Many of them find it a great comfort.

In this case, 79-year-old May Phippen said: thanks, but no thanks. No offence given or taken. But when Mrs Phippen mentioned it to another nurse, all hell broke loose.


Zach said...

Well, except of course we can't tolerate the "intolerant." There must be some standards, you know.

N. Trandem said...

I've been reading Msgr. Benson's "Lord of the World" for the first time, and boy is it prophetic.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


Chris says he'd be surprised that it's your first time, but he knows it's you.

No idea what he could possibly mean by that.

Anonymous said...

The nurse has been re-instated now, apparently. The health trust say they reconise that personal faith is important to people. Which means the lynch mob will now be on the look out for a fresh case they can take all the way this time. If I were a nurse I'd get the biggest rosary I could find (like the Dominicans) hook it round my belt, and offer to say that for my patients.