Monday, February 23, 2009

If you ____, then you're a racist,

and an eeeeeevil, BNP-supporting fascist too.

At a more profound and altogether more explosive level, however, is the fact that all three parties not only refuse to address the issues that concern the public most deeply and emotionally, but also demonise those who express such anxieties as racists or fascists.

In particular, they have colluded in a refusal to acknowledge that nationalism - or attachment to one's own country and its values - is a perfectly respectable, even admirable, sentiment.

Instead, anyone who maintains that British culture and identity are rooted in the history, language, literature, religion and laws of this country - and must be defended as such against erosion, undermining or outright attack - is vilified as a racist or xenophobe.

This effectively presents such people with a choice - between being demonised as racists and standing silently by as their culture evaporates.

Yep. That about summs it up.

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