Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cranky Trad Rant 101

What he said.

"Alphonsus" responds to Damian's assertion that we're better off without those "nasty" conservatives in Linz.

Right. "No more conciliatory gestures to extremists or nutjobs."

Just great heretics like Karl Rahner, Richard Sparks, Richard McBrien,
Walter Kasper, Roger Mahoney, and the rest of the New Agers, ecumaniacs,
extra-terrestrial (or was that extraordinary?) ministers, Americanists,
"Catholic" Zionists, personalists, Neo-Arians, neo-Pelagians, neo-Judaizers
, neo-Nestorians, Teilhardians, aborting Catholics, contracepting Catholics,
deniers of the True Presence, wiccan nuns, women's ordination coven,
nobody-in-hell heretics, and those celebrating sodomy as a gift from

Definitely, let's make the Church in man's image, not God's---and then
celebrate the whole monstrosity in PRIDE... in the nude (or clown costumes)
waving pots of incense,kissing Korans, defining politically-correct
historical dogmas, and blathering in tongues or shamanistic/Voodoo
incantations that "have the seeds of truth" while droning inane nursery
rhymes, "Here I am Lord," and ignoring genocide as long as "Elder Brothers"
teach it and perpetrate it.

God forbid that anyone should try to worship and believe and behave
as the Church has taught for nearly 2,000 years. "We are so much smarter
and more sophisticated. We have evolved beyond all that," coaches the

February 15, 2009
10:32 PM GMT

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Anonymous said...

"Catholic" Zionists...neo-Judaizers...and ignoring genocide as long as "Elder Brothers" teach it and perpetrate it.

I sense that this fellow has a particular obsession with something...

DP said...

Yeah, there might be a connecting thread there, BillyHW. Be darned if I can puzzle it out, though.