Monday, October 06, 2008

Sparing whom?

Good old Times: apparently completely unable to resist temptation. Maybe they should start praying to the Ven. "Cardinal John Henry Newman" (that's "the Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman", btw.)
There is no conspiracy theory over what has become of Newman’s remains: experts believe that damp conditions led to their complete decomposition.

The decision to exhume Newman’s body had been fiercely resisted by gay rights campaigners because the priest had asked to be buried close to the body of Father Ambrose St John, a lifelong friend. With Newman’s grave now lying empty, the controversy is expected to fade away, sparing the Vatican any possible embarrassment over claims that the priest was a closet homosexual.

It couldn't possibly be that it is the grotesque hacks in the homosexualist movement who staged the "furore" as a publicity stunt at the expense of the English Catholic believers who might have anything to be embarrassed about...

Nope, no bias under here...

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