Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Snoozies

It looks like a lot of us just kind of forgot there was an election on yesterday. And not all of them live on other continents:

I watched some of the coverage, but wow: politics really is show biz for ugly people. Arnie and I mostly made fun of people's hairdos without really listening to the returns. And Canadian media are still using giant black headphones and stuff that look like they got them at a USSR tv studio rummage sale.

I decided my time was better spent watching The Gene Krupa Story for the third time.

It doesn't matter to me who rules the nation. I plan to carry on as I have been, violating Section 13 and thus rendering it unenforcable through attrition.

Rick McGinnis:

Did you know...?

what they've done with the former home of the Canadian War Museum?

That's right - the "Global Centre for Pluralism," which "seeks to assist the creation of successful societies and was founded on the premise that tolerance, openness and understanding towards the cultures, social structures, values and faiths of other peoples are now essential to the survival of an interdependent world."

Kathy comments: "That pretty much says it all, I think."

The Steyn:

reminisces about when Canadian elections were at least good for a laugh.

But, after the last couple of months, nuts to that. Mr. Martin went out in as graceless and classless a way as possible, presiding over a scorched earth campaign strategy whose viciousness was matched only by its witlessness. By the end, he seemed almost literally unhinged, his arms swinging loose, flailing wildly as he denounced Stephen Harper for an "extreme right-wing agenda." When you asked him to name specific examples of the extreme right-wingery, he'd cite the Tories' opposition to Kyoto or same-sex marriage. Three years ago, Mr. Martin was supposedly opposed to same-sex marriage and shared Mr. Harper's reservations about Kyoto. Was Paul an extreme right-winger back then?

Heigh-ho, even if he was, by January 2006 environmentally friendly gay nuptials had been added to the Trudeaupian roll call of eternal "Canadian values" and Mr. Martin was all that stood between them and the neocon Bush stooge Harper's destruction thereof. As they say at Canada Steamship Lines, any port in a storm or when tax time nears, and Cap'n Paul was running up flags of convenience on an almost daily basis.

I think what this election needed was a few outrageous attack ads. Remember those really hilarious ones put out by the Libs last time? And the attack ad parodies. Man that was a good time.

John Carriere also finds little to add to previous elections commentary... republishing my comment on the last provincial election. Although this election is federal, I find it applies.
The Party of Dirty Statist Pigs ('A') beat the Party of Dirty Statist Pigs ('B') in Ontario's thirty-ninth general Election.

'Twas a landslide for Dirty Statists ('A'), although we the Decent Citizens of Ontario, victims of the landslide, find that when one is to be crushed in a shower of falling muck, one finds it largely immaterial which particular brand of filth it is under which one labours.

Hence the record low turn-out. Half did not exercise their vote.

And for a bunch of the rest of us, the whole business just kind of slipped our minds.

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