Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Mass

As I arrived, the congregation was finshing the Gloria, and so I missed the twenty minutes of chattering and socialising that the Council, apparently, said should replace the introit.

I listened to the readings.

Then listened to the homily, about how the people who work for peace should be like Desmond Tutu and Mahatma Ghandi. I'm afraid I missed the end part because of the noise of my teeth grinding together.

Then we had the warm friendly intercessions about peace. And how the love of God has nothing to do with Ruuuuules, and we pray that all the peaceful people who work for peace will feel the nice warm peace of God...

Then I left.

Because I thought it unwise to allow the nice lady who takes up the collection (last week fifty pounds for CAFOD ! ) to be killed by the daggers coming from my eyes.

I shall not miss Fr. Birkenstock, Fr. Fluffhead, Fr. Marshmallow or Fr. Cottoncandy.

Not at all.


J D Carriere said...

If it wasn't bad enough that the English church has been over run with the likes of that Murphy-O'Connor with his dirty Irish hyphenation, now you've got to put up with weird foreign constructions like Cottoncandy?

Still, it's impressive to see four of them all in the same place.

bernard said...

Cannot help but sympathise with you on this one, Orwell.
And the RC church wonders why it is losing so many of the faithfull on a daily basis.