Thursday, October 02, 2008

Does anyone happen to know

if the current coming out of the electrical sockets in Italy is the same as that in Yookay? I mean, if I take my sewing machine, can I just get the plug replaced and away we go? or do I have to buy Euro-trash sewing machine?


Aaron Traas said...


Maybe. Some of Italy still use the type-C 2-prong unearthed europlug. 2.5amp, 250V AC at 50Hz. Many places, however, use the Type-L 3-prong plug that will work with most type-C devices. The biggest difference is the amperage - Type L uses 10 or 16amp.

If you're worried, get a power strip with a fuse. The fuse will blow if there's problems. Various adapters are available. Heck, I was able to use American devices with a cheap adapter.


Aaron Traas said...

More info here:

Ttony said...

It'll most likely work with an adaptor, but it might not.

(Saves looking lots of stuff up.)